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My first post here was about my struggle with my son having a brain tumor. It's been a while now. He has the all clear in regards to the cancer, however he still has a long way to go with physical and mental treatment. I'd like to share my dream about a talking tree that caught on fire from lightning while i was flying. I fell out of the sky just after the lightng bolt struck the tree. I was so socked that I didn't hear/ remember what the tree said, however I just happy sitting the tree was smoldering. Any help understanding this would be greatly appreciated. Ps I do regularly read the sacred path cards by Jamie SAMs Thanks Shane
Shan072 Shan072 36-40, M 2 Answers Nov 4, 2012 in Dreams

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That sounds like something the Beatles might say. Get into poetry.

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Don't eat spicy foods before bedtime.

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