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TumblrGirls TumblrGirls 16-17 1 Answer Jun 3, 2014 in Parenting & Family

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And how does he do that?? Have you talked to him or your Mom about this? We have no idea what you're referring to. I do know that teens often feel this way, and many times it's not as bad as they say it is .. just part of growing up.

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My dad abused me and my mom and my siblings for years and years and finally 2 years ago she let him go it was really hard he has been arrested so many times but he always made his way back into my life he took advantage of the fact my mom doesn't speak English well to make up lies I'm court to save his *** and make her look like the bad guy... I look exactly like me dad so my mom hates me, we were actually really friendly after he left we got along great but out of nowhere work pilled on and she just got angrier and angrier and everytime she took it out on me, we would literally have too dishes in the sink and I'd be choked up against the wall, thrown down the stairs for back talking her because she told me I was stupid and wish god never gave me to her and that I was a waste of human skin. I just can't handle it anymore, and she tells me Dailey "I don't care about you". "Find your own ride home from a chill( I love across town.... From school.) everyday it's a constant reminder I'm stupid and everything I do isn't important my school isn't important but if I'm barfing and sick I still have to go??? wtf I just don't know I what to think

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