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Its uncomfortable but not quite painful and it lasts a few hours after I eat. Its been happening for a few years and I did go to the doctor when it first started. He did some tests and told me I was fine. It seems to be getting worse lately. Its worse when I'm sitting than standing.
BigbadGus BigbadGus 36-40, M 4 Answers Dec 6, 2012 in Health

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Don't stop bothering the doctor, okay? Because they often don't get it right the first few times. It's ridiculous how many visits and different meds my little girl was put on to treat simple perioral dermatitis. They gave her every allergy test out there. Kept telling me it must have been from her licking her lips but it was not just around her lips. I did my own research to find the label the two doctors we saw kept missing. I don't even know HOW they missed it! She's on a 21 day course of augmenten and it's mostly cleared up, but she would never have gotten it if I hadn't bugged them so much. You just have to push these guys, because they're usually overworked and in a rush and just go for the simplest explanation. <br />
Anyway my uneducated but "sounds familiar" guess is acid reflux.

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I'd go back but he retired earlier this year so I need to find a new one. I have a friend who's a veterinarian maybe I'll ask him.

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