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sjdee sjdee 18-21 2 Answers Sep 14, 2011

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I agree with Sshine. I am terrible at remember directions though or finding new places without my GPS and I know this is because I am more of an introvert that lives too much in my thoughts lol. I forget to notice my surroundings sometimes and it really does pay to work on that.

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If you look at how traditional way-finding cultures managed, there are certain key elements that you see over and over again. One is that they cultivate an exquisitely fine eye for visual detail. They just plain notice stuff. And a lot of the time in our everyday life, we don't. Everybody encounters people from time to time who say, "I have a wonderful sense of direction. I never get lost." And if you really ask them what it is that they're doing, then that eye for detail is often one of the first things that emerges. People who are exceptionally good way-finders seem to notice [their surroundings] more.<br />
<br />
Try turning off your GPS, and focus on your surroundings, if you think about it, using your GPS causes you to focus on IT and not what's around you!

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