Why can't I get the basic channels on my new TV, like the News and the Price is Right....? I remember the days when you could just plug in your TV and watch like 5 channels for free. Or if you could just tell me what I have to do (short of buying cable) to get these simple pleasures that would be much appreciated.
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Television is evil. Get rid of it, or use it as a computer monitor.

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Make sure you have SOMETHING plugged into the antenna on the back, even if it's just a bare wire. Then you have to go into the TV's setup menu and run 'autoprogram' or 'autodetect'-- it will scan all the channels and program the ones that it can actually get (they may not be on the same channels you expect).

I don't know if this applies, but there may also be a 'on the air' versus 'cable' mode on your TV too.

Enjoy the new TV!

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I've been having the same problem with my new TV.. It's this digital stuff that's messing everything up. I went back to the store and asked them why I can't get my regular channels (like CBS and ABC) which are just the basic stations and not cable,, they said some of the stations don't have the signal set up yet but should be ok by Feb, well, guess we will just have to wait until then to see what happens,, and no,, you should'nt have to get any equipment for it to work. The analog box is only for people with the old analog TV's.. I asked about that too. I know it's annoying,, I'm missing many of my favorite programs because they won't come in on the digital,, uggg.. Hope this helps ya..

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Well If you are in the States, I know they have been advertising on t.v that all "analog" channels (the free ones, that you get when you just pullger' in) are switching to digital by '09... Which means you have to buy this box thingy to get those like 5 channels lol.

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