You must consider the damage that's been done over the years, and the accumulation of tar in your lungs as the result of smoking. If it feels good, you should do it. Unless, in my opinion, the formula is toxic and, therefore, killing you or others, then the smoke you inhale should put you at ease (and be in any case legal). The change I am embracing is similar to the one you fear. I was half-pack-a-day for several years. All of change seems unreasonable when nothing is noticably at risk, but why do we love smoking so g** d*** much if it's killing us? Our lives are at risk. Not just the life that is you, the lives you touch are affected by the positive and negative energy that is shed when you exhibit a show of addiction. Both internally and externally, Influence is strong. The mind knows what it likes, and when endorphinated, it creates paths of neurons programmed to fire at the very thought of pleasure. This releases endorphins aimed at opiate receptors in the brain. It fascinates me to think how automatic this process is. Influence of the mind is strong, but the will of reason is stronger. Look deep within you. Change is a rite of passage for us all. As any animal of this planet, a human evolves with the flow of age, and when it is standing face to face with it's fate, warm wave of understanding tends to emerge in order to obtain balance. This is life. This is evolution. Without change, all of what is could not be. Consider this when you light your next cigarrette.

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