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I go through same thing very much. Today has been the worst Iv felt in a long time. Id feel like a hypocrite for giving you any kind of advice, but then again its what Im good at. I can probably save ten people before saving myself.

It all comes down to what you believe. Believe you are sad and you will become sad. Believe that you can be happy with yourself and in time you will.

One thing that I know about life is that no two days in a row are the same. If say they are, then wait for another, and I guarantee that it will be different.

It all comes down to believing. Faith is a key to some type of universal door to enlightenment. Im not sure why it is this way. Perhaps it has something to do with our minds being so easily entertained by anything that comes in its way? I don't know. But if you believe, then it will come.

Believe that you'll never over come this feeling, then you will always feel this feeling. Its that simple. As for me? I don't know who I am. So I have tons of work to do. But for you I feel confident that its a matter of the way that you think. Take it one minute at a time and every second that you think different, re focus on the more positive thought, and hopefully you will defeat it.

One thing also-you cannot change other people. You can change every thing about you, but to make someone love you? Impossible. And why would you want to anyway? Id much rather be loved for who I am then to become someone else's dream for them to love me. Maybe thats why Im lost?

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I know this feeling. Is it like feeling as if no one really wants you around? That there is no niche where you would fit in, and that no one thinks you are worth the effort of getting to know? Sometimes it feels as if no one would really care if I just disappeared. And I have considered it. Is that it?

I wish I knew the answer, as I am also spending a lot of time in that "spot". I guess it would depend on why you are there, how it happened, what you really want, and if that can happen. If you can get there and have hope in that. I'm working on those questions and trying to get my feelings under some sort of control. I think reality has just become dark in my mind, and I don't even see the good things any more. I want that back. I guess you do too. We all need love and validation.

Everyone gives me the advice that happiness is found within. "You must learn to love yourself." The question is, how do you DO that when you feel unappreciated by other people? If you care about others, then that is where you find how much they love or appreciate you. How much good you bring into their lives. So how to get there?

I don't know. I'm working on this, as I said. And as I am starting to "break down" in a physical being lethargic all the time and little pains all over, it's time for something to give.

I don't know if this is doing any good for you. It's actually late here, ,and I am I'm not even 100% coherent. But your question struck me, and I wish I could do more....if I can help at all, write me please.

Meanwhile, try to be easy on yourself. Try to do anything at all that you could find enjoyment in. Seek out anyone that will be kind to you in any way. Focus on those things if you can.



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Thank you Vessa for your understanding. Yes, I have been feeling like nobody wants me and nobody cares. But the last week has been a little different, I have found another place to live that will be a good change and I can start my little life over, get to know new people and get out of the house more. I might even get a little dog. Things are looking up. I hope that things are looking up for you, too.



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Work on loving yourself and becoming your own best friend. When you do this, you can start to release the pain.

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Hello All - I have tried everything that has been suggested on this forum. I am 53yrs old and I have never felt happy. Friends laugh and call me seriou but actually I am desperately unhappy. Why? Because I don't know who I am, what I want, what Iike/dislike etc. My father was a violent man, my ex husband a control freak. Though I have had counselling, read umpteenth books, meditate, had anti-deps, Vit E,D etc, NOTHING has helped me to shake off this default position of feeling totally listless, uninterested in Life, lethargic and generally very unhappy. Each day mingles into another and all I want to do is vegetate in front of the TV and lose myself in the nonesense on the screen......a friend suggested I have put up strong defence walls around me and am my own prisoner...

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Prayer helps when you feel alone. Pray for exactly what you want, and know it is yours. It doesn't matter what name you call the creator by, that being is always there for you. You are never alone. Hugs.

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If you're in pain, you should see a doctor.

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Join the club

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Focus on the things that you are grateful for, on a regular basis. It changes your brain chemistry and you start to release endorphines which relieve pain naturally. As you continue to practice (it is really hard at first) you start to attract a different group of people into your life, and they will be better than the old lot.

You can do it.

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I agree to Vessa on this. I am a 21 year old male and have been hiding my depression all my life. I started seeing a doctor about few months now. And I learnt that Depression can go a long way too your health. I break down randomly (crying), also I have been noticing my vision going black and then back to normal. That happens at random. I also get the feeling that no one cares and wouldn't miss me. but I also know that somewhere someone will think about you weither or not your close to someone or not. I know why im depressed and its hard for me to change cause I was a loser in school. and I came from a small town and even that doesn't help my situation. I resorted to looking for friends online which helped but it also was making me running away from my problems and making my depression worse and I didn't realize it until recently. I've expreience mental abuse through out my high school days and I try to remain from having a massive comunication. I'm not big on small talk but Dozent mean I don't talk at all. I guess im stubborn, and very shy. It's hard living with myself but im doing my best to enjoy what I can. Just keep a positive thought and things should end up working out. nobody said life was going to be easy right..

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Ignore the first three for a start. If it has turned into physical pain, then you are suffering depression, not just deep sadness. Please write down this phone number and keep it in multiple places, especially near the home phone. 1-800-273-8255, this is the suicide hotline. NOTICE, I did not tell you to call that number, because you didn't mention suicide. I am sure they would love to talk to you any time, 24/7 even if you do not feel suicidal, but make sure you keep the number handy either way. That way if you start planning your own death, you can call and tell them that.

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Try volunteer work.

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Take 3 arthritis strength tylenol. They work pretty well.

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