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I have noticed in classes, I have trouble concentrating. My mind would race and I could not get it to stop switching channels. I could not focus and I found myself not wanting to do the tasks I needed to do. I would dance around and be hyper over something. I do remember early on, I could focus real well and be involved in my school, pay attention in my classes and apply myself, but recently, its like my mind became depressed and I became more accident prone, I was actually making tons of mistakes, and I regressed to a vegetated state. I started allowing things to happen to me, and thoughts took me captive, and soon, I realized my mind was overloaded and I could not think strait. I could not get anything out socially because of anxiety, fear and depression and I could not focus on school (I thought leasure time was more important so I could relax). I still applied myself, but I had trouble applying myself because I let my mind tell me I could not do it. I became crippled by my own thoughts, feelings and actions, that I could not think or see strait. It was like my mind, heart and emotions were working against me. Is there anything I can do?
geonavigator07 geonavigator07 22-25, M 4 Answers Feb 21, 2012

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you need to get laid

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any number of things?!.........depression, anxiety, Adhd........two or more conditions........but considerin yur age i'd say depression & panic about yur future.......wild guess

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