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I've found that I get an obvious interest from certain girls but, because I'm not 'laddish', it seems to put them off when they meet me. I can't help just being a friendly person but it seems to put me in the 'friend zone' very quickly! it maybe just a confidence thing? to be honest i'm depressed by it as I'm not sure i can change my personality to be more confident.
Lennon80 Lennon80 41-45, M 3 Answers May 22, 2014 in Community

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Don't change for anyone. That won't make you happy and won't attract the right person for you. Maybe you're going after the wrong type of woman for you. The right person for you will like you just as you are. So many relationships fail when people play games and try to "get" someone to like them.

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yes, i know you're right - it's just depressing sometimes :)

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