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You and everyone has a physical Self (biology), Personality (Ego; finite), the Higher Self (Infinite; mediator between the All-that-is / "God" / Soul which is a Unity) ..... So the physical form is finite in this form but the energy is infinite ... The energy / spirit that made up the Strings / Waves of the physical body is infinite. The Personality is a form that is finite... It is finite because it is of time and space and closely vibrating and operating at a frequency related to the physical body, brain, Mind. it vibrates slower and operates at a lower frequency than the non-physical because it is grounded to this physical, finite plane. So you are a multi-dimensional being like all humans. Your core self is the Higher Self. We usually do not think 24 / 7 with the Higher Self. That is because we are grounded to Earth. We have a Personality that usually operates only with emotion and impulsivity. It is calmed, and is raised to a higher frequency and faster vibration with its connection to the Higher Self (sometimes called Consciousness).

At the best of times, there is a balance between the Personality / Ego and Higher Self. When the scales tip to the Personality / Ego the result is usually painful, negative, emotional, turmoil, things do not make sense, confusion. Depending on how far the scales tip to the Personality during an experience, the more turmoil, emotional upheaval, and confusion. When the scales are tipped to the Higher Self, we feel calmer, level headed, love, peace, think with intelligence, etc.

I think of my real Self as being the Infinite Self, the Higher Self..... And I am learning on this physical plane with the aid of the Personality / Ego and the biological being energies.

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thank you for explaining you have saved me some work.

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There's a bit of welfare trash in each one of us.

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