I dont stay in the sun alot and if i am going out then i have spf45 on with a spf15 moisturiser underneath it...and yet they keep sprouting up...and i'm to cheap to go to a doc right now...and tried really serious answers there like skin cancer and etc. i know nothing is seriously wrong with me but they keep coming up and its annoying...
DcreativeBUG DcreativeBUG 22-25 11 Answers May 30, 2012

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You're in the first stages of becoming a Zombie!

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Awww shucks! i thought i was becoming a witch....

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I think its because you spend way too much time with George Michael's hair dresser...LOL

Sorry no idea...

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nine already.....possible royal flush.

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hello, DcreativeBUG

everyone has been really reassuring to you

so... i have to say the unsayable

.................. potential melanomas??

stop being tight with your health

........................................... get yourself check by a dermatologist

are you worth it?? or not?????

there... and i even had a stern face when i typed it

go on.... you know it makes sense

hope it all turns out fine

then you can write to me and tell me off for wasting your money

respect to you and your spots, from robbie

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Ok...thanks robbie

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sharpee attack, did you fall asleep near friends? Did they come after you with a nasty felt marker?

All kidding aside, are they moles? are they appearing at an alarming rate, these need to be looked at by the Doc. If they are slowly showing, and are mostly round and not raised I think they are ok. Are they age spots. What you have to look for is irrebular edges to the spots, bumpiness, oozing, oddly colored (green, or red tinged)

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lol! sharpee attack...i mostly sleep alone so thats not possible...
they all are flat and oozing...but they are increasing ...i found 2 new ones last night... gonna go to a doc soon.

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that is a relief it's not a sharpee attack, yes it can't hurt to see the doc.

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probably just freckles and moles. don't worry if they are small. I have a ton all over my body and i'm not in the sun too much. what nationality are you? some call them "the curse of the english". if they are smaller than like the size of an eraser on a pencil you are fine.

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they are all different sized...but i find new ones every now and then....

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don't worry, i get them too. even places the sun never touches, lol.

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black heads?

Best Answer spots...blackheads are a real dark grey if you notice...

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