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Doctors SHOULD be giving you some sort of medicine to help you with it if you're seeing one... Also definitely meditation, also doing things that relax you. If you have someone that will do it, getting a massage, even a foot rub or back rub or something often helps relieve tension as well which doesn't hurt definitely.

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Visit your physician and discuss with them methods you can use to reduce your blood pressure before use of medications, but do not rule out medications if they are necessary.

Simple stuff that has helped me lower my blood pressure:

-Reducing salt/fat/sugar intake; I only add a little bit of salt to food when cooking, and season with spices other than salt. I avoid prepackaged, processed, or convenience foods (eg fast food, vending machines, microwave meals, etc).

-Reduce smoking or exposure to smoke.

-Reduce stress in life by relaxing more, and avoiding getting tense or allowing emotions to overwhelm me. Take time to relax each day and look after yourself!

-Be active regularly, do a variety of things that get you moving and active... not only will this increase your fitness level, it will do wonders for your heart!

-Eat regular nutritious meals to keep your body well balanced.

-Get enough sleep!

Really though, talk to your doctor!

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Go to your Doctor...

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Firstly it's not really 'that' high. Still as others have mentioned diet and exercise. Make sure at least some of the exercise is the 'soothing type' that actually brings down your heart and respiratory rates. i.e. Yoga, deep stretching followed by brief meditation. As for more 'vigorous' exercise if you can swim and have access to a swimming pool that is by far the best overall body exercise while providing the most 'low impact' for your skeletal and circulatory system.

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Slit your wrist to relieve the pressure, no don't do that. Go to a pharmacy like Walgreens that has a machine you can test yourself with. Then test yourself again but this time close your eyes and think of something peaceful like waves washing upon a beach. If your blood pressure does not go down then you need to go to a doctor. I failed the blood pressure test during a physical, my reading was like 145/90. After that I would do just as I have said and my reading was always like 110/80 or whatever is considered normal. You are supposed to be relaxed when you take the test. Even talking during a test will give you a high reading. Smoking just before will also give a high reading.

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