I dont know his name, I've never spoken to him, he's always alone when I see him and always walking in the opposite direction :-(
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other way round, trip up on him, let him help you up, start a convo. men hate falling over infront of girls.

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that makes sense . . . you're good.

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sounds like an awesome idea, but easier said than done.

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trip him, help him up, start a conversation.

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wear something sexy+revealing ask him out for coffe+suck his ****!

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Darlin, ya just have to say "hi!' sweetly, and stop walking. Or stop first and say "Hi!" Most guys will be charmed and stop to talk to you.

You see, men used to have to ask a girl to dance just like you are asking someone to notice you. It was very hard. Rejection hurts. I oughta know. But you eventually become more courageous, and it is easier.

The only way to do it is to practice it over and over, then do it...of course it will be scary the first time....but it will well be worth it.

You might try being more assertive in the smallest ways in lots of places in your life until you get confidence. Confidence requires courage

and an accepting of the fact that you are awesome in a few areas.

The when you see how much you are worth knowing, it will help you too.

Don't be afraid to be you honey.

...and never be afraid to introduce an awesome person to someone else--Y-O-U.

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knock his books down by accident and then grab his balls by they do on tv

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hahahaha, I'm not trying to be awkward

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