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That you are asleep and dreaming. Why do dreams have to mean something? Can't dreams just be dreams?

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mzdivine - I've been saying we need that very thing for as long as I've been here! *hugs*

I need a little bit more information- did you like highschool?

did anything horrible/positive happen there? what do you think it means?

and can you share the whole dream please?

thanks :)

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Dreaming that you are back in school is one of the most common dreams. What it means is for you to determine, but don't fret the dream itself. Thousands of other people, myself included, are probably having similar school dreams at the same time you are.

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ahh i have these dreams too ..and that Iam in school and realize i miss classes and then i have a test and iam totally not prepared for it..I have had more then one of these dreams. they're all differentbut back at school

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does the dream keep focus on the same things or same people within the dream? Perhaps a book or certain old acquaintance? You might have missed a hidden message within the subject of the dream.

Our higher consciousness often try's to convey messages that it feels may be of vital importance to our "current situations" even long after the event occurred. Keep digging & keep notepad & pencil by the bed side.

record every dream you can recall in regard to this dream- & keep asking the dream-master' aka (sub-conscious) to simplify the meaning behind that dream. The out-come may even shock you by the time you get your answer.

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You might feel that some of the problems you had there haven't been solved yet, or it may be a sign that you're going through a 'spiritual learning experience.'

I got that from the site below.

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Blimey!....Will someone start a separate E.P section for "DREAMS?"

It Means Nothing!...It is your imagination working whilst you sleep!

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