If he really loves me wouldn't he contact me by now? I feel like I'll never hear from him again, like what on earth could he have left to say? oh, no...
candy100 candy100 56-60, F 15 Answers Dec 7, 2009

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Maybe he returned to his wife!!

Oh come on , at your age, why should you care?

There are plenty of FISH in the sea!

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yeah it's over... move on.

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maybe not if he has not called u back or answered your calls he might b going thrugh something but i doutb it tho i have seen ur profile and u sound like a wonderful person so keep ur spirits high

LOVE , J-Angel

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maybe he fell in a hole.

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Maybe you should text and call him repeatedly until he answers.

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2 days isn't very long... unless you had a huge blowout where he said he never intended to contact you again. But then again, even under that circumstance - 2 days isn't very long.

Why don't YOU call him?

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It isn't clear whether you are just "an item" or whether you live together and he went out for milk and didn't come back. But if you are concerned I assume you have his phone number and address. You could always use a pretext. "I was planning to buy for a dinner party next week. Did you say you were allergic to oysters?" Or something along those lines.

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Well... we don't know who "he" is... nope.

and if "he" is someone

you wanted to know...

and we don't know

we only INTERJECT speculation.

*having fun with this*

But in a more serious wave of thought...

Quality people

male or female ...

never do leave someone "hanging"...

it just isn't done.

If you are INTO what must be coming if he does contact:






well... answer that PHONE!

And if NOT... NOT into DRAMA... don't pick it up.

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Have you attempted to contact him? Obviously try that before you kick it. If he's really not responding to you at all even when you attempt to contact him then perhaps it is over.

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1 Do you have, his mobilnumber 2 Do you know anything about him at all

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