Visions: mostly people and words,names sometimes objects, Voices: it can be more than one person and it's whispers Shadows: black big spots they move or they stay
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you are not insane or alone

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Very true :)

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I sometimes hear voices of ppl takin when no one else is about am not takin about à wee chat i mean a full Blown conversation and Wen i walking home at night i sometimes have 3/4 shadows following me i am to embarrased to say anything cause ppl will think am talkin crap and think am mad im not kidding tho these things are actually spokey theres was à diffrent root i used to walk home it was quicker but i stopped going that way cause u would get so far and theres no street lights and its à Dodgey road 60mph limit and was this one time a was walkin up pitch black 10 oclock at ngt and a got heavy shivers down my back my hole body would b cold and my head and face would b roasting and crazy or not i no wat i seen. There were aboot 4 shadows around me all diffrent shades and could here this man mumbling and i turn to the side and REALLY there was this Guy jogging beside me hé was wearing à blue jumper and tracky bottoms hé followed me from where the street lights stop till they came back on i have never shat myself so much in my life it was creepy i tho i was gonna die i could barely see him hé was faded but the blue jumper stuck out like à sore thumb and when i got in the house that night i had à dream i got knocked down by à caron that same road ive actually had that same dream quite à few times but i have never walked that road again ever since i saw him but i still hear voices like if i was out some where and with anyone and thy talkin between themselves like if i was in a shop and there outside i can hear every Word there saying i dont no wat to do

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depends, bettylove123

and there is no simple answer.

do you feel ill?

are you dysfunctional?

do you feel scared of what you hear and see?

could there be a biological reason... use of alcohol or drugs?

i know, you want answers

.............and i am just giving you more questions

.............. these questions might help you get closer to an answer.

also, if it is a psychic ability... some people will call you mad, mainly because they fear what they cannot control.

take good care of yourself.

respect, from robbie

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No I feel fine I've been seeing these and hear these things since I was little

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if you feel fine and you are not scared of what you experience... then trust yourself to find your own way. you can do it. also, if you do have an ability... it you still have a choice of using it or not.

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Maybe you have a bit of psychic ability? You never know.

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Insanity would at one time,have been the sole answer,but this is no longer true.There is also the option of gang stalking/community mobbing to consider.Before deciding on a course of action,search these and see if it relates to what you are experiencing.Also "Voice to skull". :)

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