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1. Anemia..if you were to be a vegetarian back a few thousand years ago you'd die from anemia because plant and dairy matter contain little to no iron. 2. We humans have canine teeth for a reason, to eat meat. and also humans are built to hunt, like our closest relatives, chimpanzees did. 3. Strict plant matter (meaning salads, etc) makes me feel sick. But I get the strong urge to eat meat every now and again, if humans aren't supposed to eat meat then why do I, and other people get these urges? Even though I take iron pills I still get strong urges to eat meat and when I do I eat a lot of it. 4. I can usually tell if somebody's a vegetarian because usually they're pale and have dry dull skin and bags under their eyes. 5. Teach a lion to eat tofu and come back later. Horse hybrids are amongst us, we just call them vegetarians..
OblivionV OblivionV 18-21, M 3 Answers Dec 26, 2012 in Health

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Yes , perfectly.

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people have the right to eat as they wish. Yes i do understand their choices.

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You don't have to understand it . You just should accept it.

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