my boyfriend is in naval boot camp and i just found out last week that i am pregnant. he is about 3 weeks in and i don't know what is going to happen. he told me jokingly that if i end up pregnant he didn't want to know until graduation but im a high risk for miscarrages so i had to tell him right away. i wrote him a letter last week explaining everything but i still fear how he will react or if he could possibly be discharged for this. i've never been in this situation and so i don't know what to expect. My parents are supportive but his parents are yet to know. i'm waiting for a response of some sort from him and curious if he will be allowed some phone time with this. Please any advice is good advice!!! Thank you
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he will cal around the end of the forth or fifth week of training.

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yeah the navy doesnt kick people out for having babies on the way... in fact some people join for that reason alone...

im a navy wife....i understand you are scared and that you want him to know... its too late but if i were you i would have waited until he was out of boot like he asked you... being in boot is very stressful and they dont always get to call and the mail is too slow... i understand that you are high risk for M/C however him knowing will not stop anything if god forbids this does happen... He might have not wanted to know because it is very depressing for a man not to be able to be there for his woman in her time of need and now with the fact that you might loose the baby he will stress even more... all of these things will make boot harder for him... and make it harder to focus ... but im sure you have a tough guy on your hands ... hopefully he stays in the program and handles the situation well and hopefully your pregnancy goes well...

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My friend's boyfriend is in the Coast Guard and got pregnant a couple months before he left. I don't think that he will get kicked out or anything...that would be weird...

Good luck with the pregnancy and friend is having a hard time just because her boyfriend isn't around to help her with pregnancy stuff like that...he will only be around for like the last month or so and has been around a little bit here and there when he has breaks and comes home...

Good Luck!!!

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I assume you are early in your pregnancy. If you are truly in love with him, get married. You will have insurane for your unborn bably and all the medical care that can be had.

On the feelings side, I would tell you that if you are not in love with him, tell him. If he then wanted to marry you, do it, for the insurance abd security. I want you to think long term about your unborn childs mental and emotional health. If you are in love with him and he with you there is no problem. If not. seek your parents advice - they will take care of you.

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I am with Pickynancy and Bowlman! Congrats! Looks like your about to have a Navy Baby! Woo Hoo! You going to have to wait until after boot camp to really have a good talk with him, but good things come to those who wait! Best Wishes to you both!

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Congratulations! I don't know anything about the navy and their procedures, but I would assume that that wouldn't be an issue. I wish you the best of luck and a healthy pregnancy.

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He won't be discharged unless he WANTS to be. You, no offense, are not 'military issue'.

Since he is in early stages of bootcamp, don't despair. If he is able to call and does, he will not be able to talk long. You will have to correspond thru the mail a LOT.

Good luck!

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Is It His???????

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