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take a trip somewhere warm. get away from all of the remimnders of those "better" times. whatever you do stay away from drugs regardless of whether you are a user or not. you cant win anyone back, and even if you did, there's no guarantee that it would work out

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look at the photo album the picture of two of you and closed your eyes after you look at the album.. feel it... if he still available.. work hard to get him back.... trust me the love will come back.. if he really love you it not easy for him just throw the memories together.. his in the difficult also but he just pretending his ok...

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Dont get a lost heart back,leave it be.just remember that experiece will make you a better Person all round


Greetings Hierman

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What you are going through sucks and is going to continue to suck for a while. As earth shattering as it feels right now, take comfort in the fact it's also quite common at your age. Don't try to win her back, at best (if you can stand it), keep her in your life and get on with your own life. Don't let yourself dwell too long, your thoughts will just turn in on yourself and drive you nuts. Get out, stay active, allow yourself to enjoy other peoples company and move on.

you really shouldn't torture yourself by holding out the hope she will come back but of course that isn't going to stop you wanting it. Remember, if you are going to win her back, you're gonna have to be attractive. And a guy who picks himself up, shrugs and gets back on his horse - all smiles and laughter, is much more attractive than the mopey guy who looks like his whole world has caved in and totally floored him.

**lol sorry just realized you are a girl....I would have no idea if the above helps for a female.

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I'm going threw that too ignored her for a week and we ended up kissing and being together for a while. I took that time to appreciate her and do everything for her. Do not do that! Give them what they need they will leave

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A broken heart is hard to put back together....However, Memories are what matter the most cause at the end of the journey thats all u got. but if the good memories out weigh the bad with this girl and you truely want her back always remember in the begining as complete strangers you had to impress her and win her heart and obviously you did. And now that shes gone maybe you could go back to that same first time again because whatever you did then worked and theres always somthing called a second chance.

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Boy, I am really having trouble with this one.

My wife were forced to part about 6 months ago. Neither one of us wanted the parting, but it did happen.

Now, I am not allowed to see or speak to here. { this is very complicated to reasses }.

I now have to some how pick up the pieces and move on, but my mind does not want to do what my heart says that I must do...soooo. NOW WHAT???

I know that I am asking a question within a question....if anyone can give me some ideas, please do so.....

I would love to know how to answer the above question....


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i do understand that feeling,but not much you can do now.... honestly like me what i do now is even my heart broken and yet i believe i have to stand back and move on... even my heart keep on saying search for him... and try to win him back... no point even the love still strong... i feel like it waste... if he really need me in his life he can call or else send a text and says baby i need you or etc.i do understand your situation it just that right now you need to give some space to each other to think and rest both of your mind.

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It happens pretty much to EVERYONE at some point. It does feel truly awful, but people do get through it and move on, you can, too. How about that book you've been wanting to write? Use this time to capture the feelings as they happen. If one of your characters is ever in this situation, you may find that having written about it as you were actually experiencing the feelings, you may have some of the best words on paper to capture it. I see a potential Pulitzer in your future...

If not your book, then find something else to throw yourself into while you wait for your heart to heal, but do find other things to do rather than sit around and mope -- that will NEVER help you.

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Trying to keep that person in your life is most likely a mistake. Time does heal, but you need to be busy working on yourself, enjoying yourself. What have you wanted to do but never got around to? Invest your time and energy on being happy and personal growth.

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Sorry to hear that. Time will eventually heal, but it won't seem that way for a while. A lot of folk go through this agony, and it is not easy. Just have to plod on a day at a time. Can you still be friends, or is that too painful ?

Good luck.


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it's always too painful

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