These dreams always end in divorce and he is always cheating with one of my good friends and the last one I had he cheated with just someone I knew not a friend. I know my husband loves me and would never cheat on me so what does these dreams mean?
jjeznach5 jjeznach5 22-25 6 Answers Jun 6, 2011

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it means you keep thinking of him cheating ... If he loves you like you mentioned, then there's actually no need to worry.

And sometimes it are those worries that worsen the relationship between you and him.

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Exactly what you said it was A dream---have you ever dreamt u had won the Lottery did u ? -----have u ever dreamt u were a queen were u ? LOL

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It means you're falling asleep thinking consciously or subconsciously of your husband being disloyal. To me, trust is the key to a working relationship.

There's also the possibility that it's a dream, and dreams don't always make the best arguments.

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you are feeling insecure

why do you feel insecure?

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