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This man had his heart broken very badly years ago, and hasn't been able to fully love and trust since. he was with one woman for 2 years and never fell for her, he had several flings,and now he's been with his current gf for over a year and he's still not in love with her either, even though he wants to be. he's very happy with her and has no complaints, and sees no reason why he shouldn't be in love with her. he says he feels broken inside sometimes, he doesn't know why he doesn't feel it, & he doesn't know how to fix it and how to let himself fall in love. is it possible for a person to never be able to love again? how can he help fix this and love the woman he's with?
Lithriel Lithriel 26-30, F 2 Answers Jan 16, 2012

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the man who sold the world?

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Is he a parakeet?

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this was a serious question! what kind of answers are these?! I'd rather no responses than idiotic ones like these!

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