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I'm not overweight, but I hold a lot more fat in my tummy area than the rest of my body. It is just they way that I have been made. I have skinny arms, skinny legs and a bit of a chubby tummy. I've learned to accept it.

The thing is with fat, is that each person has a certain amount of fat cells. If you are lucky, those fat cells will be either evenly distributed or in your boobs. Most people aren't that lucky though. In my case, my fat cells are mostly located in my tummy area.

When you put on weight, you don't gain fat cells. The fat cells that you already have just expand. This means that if you have a lot of fat cells in your tummy area, then that will expand where the rest of your body wont expand much. When you loose weight, your fat cells shrink, rather than disappear altogether.

Being someone who always had a little tummy, I really wanted toned abs. I achieved this about a year and a half ago. I lost a lot of weight and did a lot of sit-ups. I ended up with a little 4-pack. My tummy looked hot, but the rest of me looked terribly skinny and under-nourished. My face suffered, my arms looked anorexic, my legs were ridiculously skinny and my butt was non-existent.

I am usually young looking for my age, but I ended up looking nearly 10 years older, just to have a toned tummy. It wasn't worth it. Having a healthy-looking body for me means having a little bit of a tummy. If I want my face and the rest of my body to look healthy and toned, then I have to accept that my tummy will have that little extra fat on it. It is just where most of my fat cells are located and if I want to look my best, then I am going to need to keep a little weight on my tummy.

Unfortunately you can't isolate a particular area to burn fat. If you try to burn fat, you will loose weight all over evenly, and not in that particular area. It's just the way things are, I'm afraid. You can build a little muscle which will make the are look more toned, but you still wont loose the fat in that area.

The only way that you can get rid of fat cells is liposuction, and I don't recommend that. Your best bet is to just get healthy, build a little muscle and accept that your tummy might be a little bigger then the rest of you.

Not all guys like toned tummies, some think that a bit of a tummy is cute. I can tell you right now that there are a lot of guys who think that a bit of a tummy is cute.... Okay, just checked your profile and it turns out that you are a dude, forget the boob comment. Well, the same goes. Not all chicks want a guy with a six pack. Some appreciate a bit of a tummy.

Being a guy, it is a little easier loosing weight off the tummy as chicks. Still can be difficult though. Guys are built differently to chicks. You may find it easier to loose weight in the tummy area but you may still have trouble.

I honestly don't know what advice to give to dudes. I am a chick, so I know what chicks need to do. I bet you still look cute anyway.

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I like my food too, especially sweet things. I think the best thing is to cut down or cut out bread and cakes and pizza. Eat more healthy foods such as fish, vegetables, fruit, if you eat pork of any description cut it out completely, no bacon, no ham etc.Pork is very unhealthy and fattening because the body cannot break down the fat from the pig.

Also cut out fast food "McDonalds" etc.

Cut out alcohol, drink lots of water and juice. Don't eat carbohydrates with proteins. And don't use the frying pan! Do lots of exercise for the stomach, situps. Maybe we can try these exercises together and get back with our success. A bit of encouragement is always welcome.

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Push the tickling to the side and get to some bump n'll be alright. Keeps ya in shape, ya

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It always bulges at the stomach first then spreads out if you keep eating, plus beer/booze has that effect the most if you drink..

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