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toozD toozD 41-45, F 2 Answers Sep 28, 2010

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Maybe take a nice warm bath together and try to relax!!! Also drink a glass of your favorite red wine but don't get drunk! Massage each other and hug then kiss. Many times this is what is missing in a marriage and sometimes we don't realize it. Just taking some time out with each other and ask each other what you would like from one another and what you don't like as well. Take care and good luck. Hope this helped :-)

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She will not get naked with me..when we were first married neither like to be in the nude in front of each other. I have showered with her sometimes but she stoped me doing that. I use to watch her get dressed, she always wore nylons and a full satin slip and whne she got home if I was around too i'd help her get undressed and she didn't mind. but about 10 years ago my daughter showed her a web site that i was looking at satin slips on women and told my wife. My wife got really mad and got rid of all the silky slips and night gowns..and refuses to wear any again. It may sound weird but I had sewn three of the full satin slips but she got rid of them anyway. We have only had sex a couple of time in these last 10 years and I just don't know what to do. Thanks for the 'answer' <br /><br />
toozD in Spokane, WA

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