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I have one of those personalities. Always been open to new experiences including drug use recreational and otherwise.. Two years ago I let myself slip and was addicted to roxys (pills, opiates) I detoxed myself and haven't had any PHYSICAL problems since. I also smoke weed once or twice a week.. But I love how I feel when I'm high and i get depressed sometimes when I want pills and can't get them i seem to think i have a better personality when I'm under the influence of whatever drug (pills being my d.o.c.) i recognize this in myself and since the birth of my son would never let myself slip into physical addiction like before because i keep it together for him and honestly cant afford them like i could before. But i have dreams in which I've got handfuls of pills and i find them everywhere randomly I'm so happy and when i wake up im depressed because its not real... It really does have a mental hold on me i just love that capsule shaped escape
rowansmommy rowansmommy 26-30, F Jul 31, 2014 in Health

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