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dont think for minute your past is a mirror to your future. lay down some new laws in your life about your past and future,

#1 rejection as a child does not mean rejection as a person

#2 friendships are found and made

#3 relationships come and go

#4 the world belongs to you as much as me,go and get your cut

#5 nobody is going to do the hard yards for you

#6 ask for help and advise

#7 find your passion in what you do best,the people you meet on the way are going in the same direction

#8 soul mates are hard to find for us all,it took me most of my life dont be in a hurry

#9 give yourself a break...we dont have to tick all the boxes in this life

#10 dont assume you havent got what it takes..we have all (us older ones) tried that its a complete waste of time and the greatest lie you will ever believe. hope this helps you

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thank you sooooo much for this answer it helped me, :) i still have hope that i would find my guy some day :)

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I good start would be to post a real picture of yourself instead of that boat. most times if there is no real person as the avitar or they don't say there a man or a woman I don't even answer.

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sounds like my life until recently, hang in there you never know what God has plannedfor you. Have faith and patience.

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<> > Ah, guess what you still are a kid, so it's still tiem to make friends, heck it's even better now as you are becoming an adult, you can make new friends. And you have plenty of time to find that one special soulmate.

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thank you so much for this sweet answer :)

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