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Anyone else live close enough to a university to sample the goods. The party atmosphere is the right place for unattached play. Am I the only cougar playing at the college level?
twobitwhore1 twobitwhore1 51-55, F 5 Answers Mar 5, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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I find that quite a few of the guys have never had a girl let them *** in her mouth and swallow before. It seems to really get them going for a second or third round. When I have more than one guy I take a large load of *** and then show it to the rest before I swallow and that usually livens things up. I usually really get pounded and sometimes more guys show up.

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I read your other posts and see that you sometimes take on several of these guys at a time. Is it a ******** or do you pull a train? You are one sexy woman ******* a bunch of college guys and especially if you are taking on the whole fraternity in a night. I am thinking the term cumslut kind of applies here. Have you ever denied your husband from doing too many college boys or is there always room for the older guy with the big **** and experience technique? Sounds like you may have enough *** in you that the husband can be given his turn without much more wear and tear. If he is as turned on by this as I think he is, he probably doesn't last long after watching you **** all those young guys and then sliding into a very hot used *****.

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