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A dream I had last night was that my boyfriend was a shooter that kept trying to kill me and my friends and this other guy, someone I talked to in the past, was helping me and I started to have feelings for him but I knew it was wrong. He tried to kiss me and although I thought it as wrong I wanted to..I am so confused because I love my boyfriend so this doesn't make sense.
sarrbearrr24 sarrbearrr24 18-21 5 Answers Jul 21, 2012

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Just a dream, your mind is playing you! Don't take anything sugary before bed. It really plays with your brain when your sleeping! If you love your boyfriend and trust him so much, the dream is not relevant. :)

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On some level you feel threatened by him...your telling yourself sub-consciencely that you need to move on...painful yes...but listen to your inner self

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you want to be free and he is holding you down ... or you are holding your self down to him. or maybe you are guilty about how you feel.

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