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1.) You say you're better when he is around you... Well, in the Military he will be spending more time away from you than around you... Much more than most other professions. So, if that's the case I wouldn't recommend jumping into anything.

2.) He's in basic training -- he could get injured or just not pass the physical or mental requirements.

3.) Also, you want to know why he is going to the Army. Does he really and always have wanted to be a soldier? Are his parents kicking him out? Does he want to travel? Does he not want to settle down?

Being a military spouse is in itself a sacrifice. Don't romanticize this. He will be gone, you will be away from your family and friends, you'll have to move a lot and maybe not have the career YOU wanted. Money is tight for Military families too.

If you're up for the challenge of becoming an independent person who is decisive and ok with being alone... And you both want a future together then that's awesome. But if these things scare you.... Maybe it's time you two went your separate ways? :(

(((hugs))) & good luck!!!

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Thats all it takes in some relationships.Once a man is gone off to handle business the female cant handle the freedom and flips the script.

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I would have married my bf before he left for the army, had he gone. So, if you're not ready, don't. If you are ready, do.

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I feel like I am ready to be married. I love him more than anything. I think it's what everyone else is saying that is throwing me off. It'd be so much easier if I could just talk to him. Also I am a very insecure and indecisive person. I second guess everything. I just need some way to calm myself down. He hasn't even asked yet. Lol I know I'm hella being paranoid. I'm just a better person when he's here.

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Don't mind what anyone else is saying. It is YOUR decision ultimately and you have to be ready to commit and give him the support he needs as he should give you the same. Think about it, but if you're ready and he makes you happy, go for it.

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:) he does. Very much.

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