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However, when I met him he was seperated from his wife. They had not been intimate for over 2 years. they both had a stormy marriage where both were unfaithful and hurt eachother.He said he stayed because he wanted her to forgive him and move on as a family but she refused. Then he met me...we fell in love and we have been inseperable. Now all of a sudden she wants him back, She went from ignoring and barely speaking to him to crying and begging for him to stay with her. He made it clear that he wants to be with me and now the woman wants to meet me since "Im gonna be around her daughter" What do I say to her? How do i act? I know shes angry and hates me and it may turn ugly. I understand that shes mad but im afraid shes gonna blame me for him leaving when the fact is that their marriage was over already when we met. Please help me.
shadyzo shadyzo 31-35 1 Answer Dec 7, 2011

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Well congratulations on meeting the man of your dreams. The only advice I can offer is that you two have to present a united front, remember that old saying "divide and conquer".When speaking to her it is "we" not "I" and just be pleasant. I am not sure if you have had contact with the child so far, but stand back there, make sure the main focus is time spent with her father. That is the only subject you stay out of, you are not trying to replace her as a mother, it is important to keep things calm for the child's sake. A relationship with the child will come in time, right now you don't want to give her any ammunition to use against you. Good luck, be confident, you have done nothing wrong, make sure you and your partner keep talking and don't let her get in between the two of you.

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