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We have moved a few times always i have always missed ''home'' but this time i truly think I have left home behind I just cant help but miss it so much yesterday i cried when I saw lotr and Sam says ''If i take one more step its the furthest i'v ever been from home'' .... And i have seen lotr before and never cried at any part ............ I think it hit a nerve and i dont know how to move on im really stuck ! I hate the new city im in i hate it !
BeckeY1 BeckeY1 16-17 1 Answer Feb 9, 2014 in Travel

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Awww :( <br />
Honeys, embrace the new experience! Yeah it totally sucks being away from your friends, but you live in the age of technology everyone is connected to everyone 24/7. <br />
Make new friends in your new city and send your friends back home all the pics and stories. <br />
Making new friends is awesome don't let your own displeasure ruin what could be an awesome experience.

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Thank you thats verry nice of you to say it actually makes sense !:D i could give it a try

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