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So sorry to hear that, have had four miscarriages, and felt very badly for a very long time....I hid it for many years, not well...and ended up having to realise I should have dealt with the pain at the time....dont let anyone tell you you should just get over it....please see someone, I wish I had at the time...this is years later and I remember the date of every single torments me...but have learnt to let it go, and have a healthy child who is now a teenager.

It is normal to want to hide your pain, we live in a pretty unforgiving world at times, that forces us to say " Im ok, theres nothing wrong with me"....No there is nothing wrong with you, you lost a baby, thats very sad, you have to takes time...

its nothing you could have done differently, its just natures way of saying something wasnt right....give yourself time to accept it, its not a failure...its actually really common.

There are support groups for this, ask your doctor, look in the phone book, perhaps plant a small tree or rose bush in memory... Take faith in the fact, your healthy and young, this doesnt preclude you from having a healthy baby in the future...ten or twenty years ago it was unheard of to speak about, ask your mum or aunties or grandmother if they experienced this at may find some comfort from friends,

Mostly, please dont blame can loose years in that mindset....take time, forgive, accept let go, and eventually you will move forward,...

good luck, x hugs

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No I don't want to talk to parents tried everything... I just remember it day after day... my baby... she wasn't lawfully mine. I was raped and pregnant nd then miscarriage... I just look at the baby clothes in stores nd hug them so tightly. They could of been my baby wearing that...

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It is good to let your sadness out at times that are appropriate. Allowing oneself to feel is healthy. I am sorry you for your loss. May you grieve well so that you may heal well.

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Thanks hun... I just hid behind a smile...

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life is all about hiding our sadness behind that smile which is going to help someone hide their sadness!

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That is such powerful words...

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