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U want to b fattened this is what you need to do...big breakfast: pancakes/French toast,potatoes,biscuit,bacon or sausage lots of it

Lunch:fried chicken fries or medium pizza and pasta and cake preferably chessecake

Snack:chips,wit chili n cheese or tacos

Dinner:steak,chicken or pork,corn,mashed potatoes,rice and cornbread,biscuit or bread

Dessert:pie with ice cream,brownie and ice cream or pie ,cake and ice cream together

Midnight snack:your favorite food u LOVE TO EAT SHOULD B THIS SNACK

Try this and see how much u gain...inbox me for more details or to just let me know how much you gained!!

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Sure, I'm interested. Go eat these 17 big macs and if you're still hungry we'll hook you up with 14 pounds of chili cheese fries. Get to it bro.

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