I took a break from webcam modeling but I want to get back to doing it full time. I moved to another state and dont have a job so I need steady income asap.
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I have been a webcam model for over a year now. Theres a lot more to it than everyone thinks just starting out. It is all about networking yourself and making a good impression. Setting your own limits ect. I have tons of tips and tricks as I work for 3 different sites. Streamate, LiveJasmin and Myfreecams. feel free to add me as a friend for any help being a successful webcam model.

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hi,i just started on mfc about two weeks ago and my first week it went really well,but they took my new model status off pretty quickly and that kind of stopped my traffic.csn you give me some advice as to getting more traffic and what other sites are good to try out...thanks

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Give xhamster live cams a try. Their traffic is phenomenal!

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a friend of mine does well on chaturbate

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i work here at this site i get a hell of a traffic and a lot of pay i love it ! i wouldnt work any other site.

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yeah, i work on stripocams too and it's awesome! The men is so nice that want to pay you. I been working on that site for over a year. Great site!

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stripocams model release forms make me nervous to sign... is it safe?

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Yes its safe never had any problems

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Been with them over a year.

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you got to make sure you give them your id image and sign the docs which is safe. before your approve to work and give them a profile image. but i love the site!

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after you do all that its so so wroth the time

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I'm not sure if anyone suggested this yet, but I am going to throw it out there anyway. I have worked on a few different sites. The one I had the MOST success with was:


(delete the stars in the URL. Been trying to find ways to avoid having it being seen as "spam")

In less than a couple hours, I had already made over $60. I like that site because it is mostly about tipping, and not so much about private shows. You can post videos and pictures on your profile that can be unlocked by customers by being purchased with tokens. Plus you get about 50% of what the tokens are worth, which is way better than most sites.

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Try webcam models get paid $0.80 per minute for each paying customer which adds up pretty fast especially if you have multiple customers. 5 paying customers would make you $4 a minute which works out at £240 an hour. Not bad for an hours work.

Check out this site for more info

Best of Luck!

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I want to be a webcam model and wondered if anyone knows of a good site that I could work for that is canadian?

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Well This is a really good site

Best Answer $3.00 per minute, $1.50 group shows, tips in free chat. Sign up today!

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If your still looking for a good cam network we are number one in the world. We also provide all the traffic/networking so all you do is log in and broadcast.

check us out

once you apply one of our reps will contact you via our 1.800 number

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Hey! NatashaStiletto here <3 I've been camming for about 1 year now and I'm SOO happy I decided to sign up and make extra $$...GUYS, GIRLS, COUPLES - NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! ... All you need is a good personality, high-speed internet connection and a webcam. (Preferably HIGH DEF with SOUND) I use the Logitech Pro 9000 :)) I make on an average $25-$35 per hour and I work about 4 hours x 5 days a week :)) The MORE you WORK the MORE you EARN!! obvi ;) AND YOU DONT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING YOU'RE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH! I get weekly payments every Thursday thru direct deposit, but you can also choose to get paid thru Payoneer or check. ITS THE QUICKEST way Ive ever made money :)) TRUST ME if you've ever thought about webcam modeling, NOW is the time and if you have ANY questions I will gladly answer them to the best of my ability.... IT' S WORTH A LOOK.. TRUST ME!

** For MORE INFO on becoming a model, Copy & Paste the link below in your browser :D

BUT WAIT! If you DONT want to model but still want in on a piece of the action, YOU can become an AGENT and recruit models making a percentage of their earnings!

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hey i am trying webcam modeling for the first time and i dont want it to be slow in the begining can you give me anyadvice? also are there any websites that pay you for all your time not just the private chat?

Best Answer check them out

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Try " " I make stacks of money from them, I always have around 200 - 500 people watch me and always make money :)

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Also try Web Studio 3 Entertainment, They are an USA studio working with the higher traffic networks, and the starting pay there is $1.25 per minute on paid shows (which you know is the bread and butter of webcam modeling), but if you have experience already and do well they will quickly take you up to the next pay scale which is $1.89 per minute minimum. I know that even at the $1.25 per minute starting pay, many good models actually average out more like $2.50 and up for paid shows because they have what is called Voyeur system that adds to the basic paid show amount, plus tips and bonuses and so on that I am sure you know about that earns money on top of all of that.

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Streamate has been very successful for me. However, I actually have a way of rotating through several sites. You need to work on multiple sites to get the most out of it. If you'd like, send me an email and we can exchange tips and tricks. I have some to share with you.

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I would love to trade tips and tricks with u, I am also a streamate model

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I would love to get a few tips...I am new to Streamate and having a few issues...Model service seems to suck from what I am seeing...

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hows streamate working out for you>

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Would love to connect! I am a SM model. Have questions :)

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What a terrific idea Candy! Thank you. Do you use the same screen name on the different sites?

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the best money gave me internet modelin , check out my blog I`m going to share there with my experience about being cam-girl ;)

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Good day!

We are hiring webcam models!

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Our site is up and ready to use. We are looking for a webcam models from all over the world. Boys (18-25yrs old), Girls (18-40yrs old), Transgenders (18-40yrs old). We issue payments twice per month, on the 1st and 16th. We offer two payment methods (PAYONEER AND DIRECT DEPOSIT). Minimum payout is $20.

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$4.99 + / 37.50%

Member Referral Commission




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hi, i would like to suggest you this site:

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