when i was younger my brother sexually abused me, my parents abused me, i have an awful relationship with my family i dont talk to any of my siblings or parents AT ALL. just moved schools and im having a difficult time making friends, im really shy and just never happy with anything, im failing school because i cant focus because of everything iv been through, iv been bullied, ignored and threatened, iv been talking to this guy who's a year older then me and im getting really attached to him because hes always there for me but hes kinda pushing me away because he doesn't like me and he doesn't want me to fall in love with him because i will be even more upset than i already am at the end, so now what? i have no one to talk to about anything
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Another answer you’ll be able to grasp hopefully—It’s simple this, Your not your depression nor ur bipolar. You’re not anyone or anything, your just you, your here to experience & create. Besides hormones u need to grow with, I can tell u that none of us are suppose 2b happy 24/7 all our lives. We are here to create & experience. That’s it! Happiness is on us & how we react to all things here. You were given the 7senses,eat, sleep, see, hear touch/feel...all w/a Great mind etc..I say there are more senses, but science is all some ppl want 2 believe in...Pain is enviable, suffering Is optional You can compare u life to another/other who hasn't much time here, one w/out legs etc..u heard all that b4_let me tell u this though if u were in the middle of the Ocean w/out a lifeboat/raft u'd cry to the heavens for your life! So do know your in a safe place w/all u need to live & be happy. Think about that ok? You miracle's happened, now use the saving tools i give u here~♥~u r never alone>>

We all are created with love & with perfect spirit & the vessels that houses it we/you can do/be anything/one u want 2b!!!!!!Magnificent machines w/all the essence & equipped with a computerized/perfect mind wow! huh? What do u think about that? You are MAGNIFICENT & can Conquer anything...move the dam walls that confine u & set you FREE! BE FEARLESS.

Many of us have been molested & then some, we survive & know ppl who do this are sick as well. THEY give what was given to them. Wise ones know we don't hurt others just because! Forgiveness gives u back your powers, you never owned that what was done to you, so don’t use it & feed into it. Never let them own you by throwing in the towel w/your own life & how it makes you feel.

Live dam it!>>that's the best dam revenge any of us can have...stop doing that it’s trash that needz 2 burn, it lightens your load, it’s so unnecessary to have to carry heaviness. Right all down that pains you... burn & bury it. Believe me you…_it really works. It's mental healing~

Use the help offered you, email the other auser & have another ear to lean on k?

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I can understand what you are saying, truly I can. What I see is your need to become more self sufficient. That is hard and a long process of falling, and getting back up, and learning from mistakes. Do this and you will not NEED anybody to make you happy, you will do it yourself.

You do not NEED your parents, if they treat you badly why do you need them or anybody else? It is hard, but once this is learned, you will be much happier. Do what you have to do to get through, that is what you NEED right now. After that, get on with your life.

My parents were a piece of crap, and in the end they got what they deserved, them not having me. What goes around comes around. There is nothing more degrading to a a parent to have their kid tell them "I am too good for you and you do not deserve me."

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you can always send me a request to be in your circle im here to talk

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What seems to be the problem? You should give a little background in the details section.

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