I liked someone who was my close friend but he had girlfriend so I was more or less content to stay just his friend but then he confessed that he liked me. Then, despite what we agreed about remaining close friends and just not spending time alone together (he was really in love with his gf, which was fine, obviously)he just sort of acted like I dropped off the face of the earth unless he saw me in person.(meaning he ignored all my attempts to text/call/message him) Which, while it certainly hurt a bit, was fine too because he’s a big boy and can do what he thinks is best with his life and I have no place to judge him. I sent him a text recently (it's been about 6 months since I've talked to him besides an occasional meeting where I work) to try and see him one last time before I cross the country for college. He never responded. Since it's been so long since I even tried to contact him I'm considering that he might have changed his number. I just need general advice on what to do n
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maybe he is at the "crossroad" of his life ... he loves his girlfriend but he likes you as well, this is difficult...

give it time. maybe he no longer responds to you because he does not know what to do or say yet

but if you get to see or speak to him next time and still ignores you then maybe he does not really have the courage or decency to tell you about his emotion / decision

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Maybe he wasnt trying to ignore you but his gf knowing how close you are felt a little jealous and asked him to stop talking to you as much. It sucks but how would you feel in her position that you loved someone who was always talking to another girl.

Anys ways I think you should go find him and let everything in the open. If it goes good then great and if not then whats the difference you werent talking much anyways. I was in love with a guy who I was friends with for a long time and never had the courage to tell him and he and I went no where. Youll never get anywhere if you never take a step. Be spontaneous and go for it, dont hold back cause you may never get the chance again.

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Tell him how you feel the first chance you get...dont let it slip by...i have been there and regret NOT telling her!!!

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