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Being your age, not much without parent consent ... But first know what field attracts you the most. Then find out what you need to get into that field. Some recruiters will walk you down a path and get you in a field that need people..and tell you once you get in and after basic can switch ...most cases not true !!! Find out where you will be stationed , during and after your MOS training and what over seas post can you be assigned keep in mind most state side duties will require one over seas at some time.

And if you are interested in a combat unit, like above know the sexual and abuse cases brought out against woman.. After all the military is a good " Ol " boy organization so expect to work harder and no helping hands ...

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I assume you are American. Ask:

- what combat areas are open to women

- if you can go to jump school

- if women can be Rangers

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ask him about the high sexual abuse rates

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