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Motivation is way overrated. It can get you started but it won't carry you to the finish line.

Here what helped me lose 72 lbs and keep it off for the last 6 years:

Eat food that are low on the glycemic index (Google it and read up on it, check several websites that list the glycemic index for foods) almost all the time. Low glycemic foods do not cause you to want to eat a lot. Within a few days, your appetite will be almost gone except right before a meal.

If you go to a party, buffet or restaurant, start by eating the healthiest, least caloric foods, then eat the other stuff. Eat the low calorie foods slowly. By the time you get to the rich foods, your appetite will be tamed and you will find it easy to eat very small portions of the goodies. Also, you can bring a small bottle of purple grape juice (I used an old plastic medicine bottle) with you to the party or restaurant and order a plain soda water drink (like club soda or Perrier water), add the grape juice to it and sip it before eating. If you do that and wait 15-20 minutes, you will have cut your appetite quite a bit.

If you are in a social situation where people are pushing food at you that you are better off not eating, DO NOT tell people, "I'm on a diet," or "I'm trying to lose weight." Subconsciously, people want to sabotage you (because you are trying to change your position in the social pecking order) and they will keep pushing food on you, keep arguing with you ("Oh, c'mon, you can diet tomorrow....we're all having a can have just a won't hurt you....Aunt Mable baked it specially for you.....") Instead, tell people, "I am on a doctor ordered diet." This doesn't sound like vanity, it sounds medical. If you are questioned further, you can refuse to discuss it or you can say, "I'm pre-diabetic," which is true since any overweight person can be described that way. Only tell your closest friends about your weight loss goals.

Drink lots of water. It helps your liver and your metabolism. I drink two big (16 oz) glasses of water (total of 32 oz.), with half a lemon squeezed into the first glass, every morning and then wait 45 minutes until I eat. It helps my energy level and keeps me satisfied with less food. I read about this in a Japanese medical study. Doing this helps weight loss and many other conditions. It doesn't take a lot of willpower or money to do this and you will get used to it in a few days.

Avoid, as much as you can, processed foods because the giant corporations who make them put all sorts of chemicals in them to make you want to eat more. Just giving up processed foods can give you a real boost and lower your appetite.

Get some support by having a diet buddy or going online to a diet support group. And remember, you can always start over again at the next meal so don't get upset with yourself if you eat something rich you would have been happier if you'd avoided. Just keep going.

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Only eat when you're truly hungry, and try not to consume tons of simple sugars and/or fats/carbs. Remember calories are a unit of heat, not something that makes you fat. Go check out my story I posted on the subject today. It should help. And motivation is going to be in seeing the results of your commitment to get fit and stay healthy:)

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For me - I ate lots of fruit during the day and only chicken at night (but not KFC). Also stopped drinking beer alcohol and eating fast food (gutted that KFC is bad for you, as I told myself it was chicken *lol*)..

The weight came off slowly, I then started the exercise, first time I ran I managed 8 minutes at a slow pace but my other half gave me encouragement and I now run half marathons!

For me - I now generally eat pretty much what I like, but my tastes, diet and lifestyle have changed so I do eat more healthily.

To be honest though – if you can afford it and have the time, weight watchers is very good (IMOHO).

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You just have to eat less and exercise more. It is an easy solution, hard to do.

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