I'm sick of it! I'v had enough. I know I'm a teenager, but I've had enough. Things between me and my parents weren't great, but alright. Recently those things have changed. I have a social anxiety, which make it hard to socialize. My parents agree... Instead of supporting me and helping me or just plainly being there, they make me feel worthless. A while ago they were discussing me, while I was sitting in front of them. ''It's our fault. We shouldn't have raised her like that. We regret it.'' They make me feel like I'm some kind of monster. I'm shy, that's it... I talked about it with my parents. THey said nothing could be done about it... Nothing... Another time I explained why I didn't often came donwstairs to be with them. They said there was something wrong with me. They're my parents. Shouldn't they love me? Be there for me? Like I don't know something is wrong with me... But I'm pretty sure my parents shouldn't confirm it
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Unfortunately parents don't get any training in being parents, except their combined experience of growing up with their parents, which can be good or bad.<br />
I would suggest trying to talk to them rationally, ask direct questions and see what they say, if you become a parent, you will find it scary.<br />
They most certainly should love and support you, do you make it easy, or difficult for them to do so?<br />
This is something you all need to work on together, not all parents know all the answers, you try to help them, and you may find that they find ways to help you?

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I've tried talking rationally, but no success... My opinion is always wrong. If I say I have the feeling they're not here for me, they get mad...

If I give an example, there's always something
"'I didn't feel well.'' ''I hadn't slept well.'' ''That's was a week ago.'' '''That's just one example.''

There's always some sort of excuse. According to themselves, they're never wrong.

I do not know if I make it easy for them, but I try as good as I can.

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same. I can't tell my parents about my scars cuz their reaction will be very scary.........

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I feel sorry for you... (I don't know what else I should/could say)

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