He came over yesterday, he bought the food, we cooked together, we rented a movie "Taken" and then we took a walk, however he is comming today again and I like him so much that I'm afraid to bore him. Anything exciting that does not require to spend money that we can do together? We are cooking again tonight becasue we decided that already, but that is about it for now.
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"I like him so much that I'm afraid to bore him"

Careful with that.

The "entertainment" part should be mutually shared.

If you feel you are obligated to entertain him ( or else ) you are going down the wrong path.

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why not put out some blankets out in your back garden, and cover as much of the garden as you can safely do with tea lights (candles) it would be the most romantic thing to do, my current boyfriend and i did that for our 6month annaversary :)

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Talk to each other, see what you have in common, it doesent have to involve money or be earthshattering! keep it simple, dont try too hard its works 2 ways , good luck!

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I'm amazed and horrified by the lack of sexual suggestions (except for sivrsurfr's excellent submissions). I am thus deleting my account.

But not before I point you to this suggestion by one of your fellow aquarians:

If you & he haven't tried it yet, it really beats popcorn and a movie.

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Going to the park is always nice. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Play chess or backgammon. Play a video game. Have another couple over and play cards. Movies are always nice. But remember, it's not just up to you to come up with something to do. My husband always made the plans and then if I didn't like them, we would do something else. Relax. You should like each other just because, not trying to impress each other all the time. That gets old fast. Just put on some music and talk. Get to know each other. Above all, be yourself. Good luck. :)

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oil up and wrestle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!works every time

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Play king for a day....

Buy him his favorite treats...candy and/or food

Have a sexy warm back rub waiting for him

Get a bottle of baby oil and a tarp so you can wrestle

Play ***** poker

Dramatically change you're appearance...sort of a role play....Have a wig...a maids outfit?....does he like you have saddleshoes, tight sweater and bobbysocks?

Have rope? Wanna play cowboy and indians?

Go on a completely spontaneous adventure....Live near a city? the news and go to a crimescene..

Get in your car and see if you can get lost....find a place to make out.

have a back yard...bubbles called it for romance under the stars....

Modesty prevents some more otherwise provocative suggestions

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Well, if that "love bird" photo is a picture of the 2 of you, you guys certainly already know how to hang out.

You could play "rub my beak" but do it carefully. Otherwise, you just might end up "laying an egg."

Don't call him a "bird brain" whatever you do. It's never good for a relationship to go "out on a limb" and "ruffle his feathers."

Sometimes it's fun to just "wing it."

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Thats such a wide question! Everyone has different tastes. You could try talking about a future holiday - where you like to go, what activities do you like, that sort of thing. Talk about your family and ask him about his. Go for a walk and hold his hand - that should tell you a lot about how he feels about you. Give each other a massage (if you feel comfortable with that) - it doesnt have to be sexual, just enjoyable. Does he like any sport like tennis? You could go to a park for a knock-about in whatever game you both like playing.

Whatever you do, enjoy it!

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You can probably watch another movie. I recommend 'A Walk To Remember', you could even play indoor games and such or a board game.

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