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We didnt move to our tnew town together , just the same month in Nov 2011. We started dating dec. We are trying to decide on a romantic theme(just a little) or a memory theme, have a note book that freinds can write their thoughts in, and maby have everyone bring their favorite music to blast. Any ideas would be great.
nuttybooker nuttybooker 41-45, F 1 Answer Jul 26, 2012

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Maybe include some sort of snow to remind one another of the month you met in. Also, maybe instead of a notebook buy a table cover that can be written on. your party though, hope it turns out fun.

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Ty, I like the table cloth idea, i had a thought of pretty paper on the wall, but it didnt seem right.

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Works great for when my family gets together for holidays. :D

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