ok there is more to it. We are both from Aus and living in England, although Im heading home back to Aus at the end of next month and he is staying. The other day I text him to see if he wanted to catch over the weekend and do something and he wrote back asking me if we should really be getting too involved with me going home. Ever seen he wrote me that he has been really distant and said for me to give him space.
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If he has already moved on then it would be pretty difficult but if you feel like he's starting to drift away from you because you are too possessive then give him some space and see how he reacts.

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SOMEONE that truly loves you...wants to be with you and spend time with you.

To him, you are his everything.

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Its not love. Its kinda just a friendship but I dont want to lose that friendship.

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Does he say he needs space or are you feeling that you need to give him space?

If he says it , then he may be feeling cornered.

If you think it, maybe you need some space from him...

Just a thought....

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depends on the guy and the present relationship.... if its a new relationship... space usually means break up..

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Depends, if he's just asking for the odd day off now and then it sounds reasonable, but if he's planning on joining the Foreign Legion then I would start worrying.

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