I rarely *** from oral. But, when it happens, it is the most amazing!! I would try to get him to talk more, tell him to tell you what he wants while you are doing this. This is not the same as him ordering you, but rather just to help you know when/how to switch gears as needed. If he lasts long like me, then patience is truly a virtue. You'll notice when he is getting close and then it might still be 1-3 min of consistent "going at it" that will finally bring me over the top. For many women, this can be exhausting, thus the name blow JOB - for guys like me, it really is a job unless the woman really loves sucking **** that much. Relaxation is also key, so some good massage and other foreplay to get him closer to ready might make the experience *** along faster. One last tip - eye contact can do wonders! Just stare up at him as you are going at it and he will not be able to last but so long...<br />
<br />
Good luck, and most important - have fun!! :)

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