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That morning. It's about 7 or 8 years ago.. I was living with my "brother" and we were out partying a weekend. Early that Saturday, we met a few of our friends, and we had a pre-party in some apartment before going out to the main party. This girl, who was maybe only 17 or 18 years old dropped into that pre-party and spent a few hours with us until she moved on to her next party somewhere in town. I knew her a little from earlier experiences. But haven't met her more than maybe 2 or 3 times before that pre-party that Saturday, that was the last time I saw her... Anyway... fast forward many hours now. When the partying was over and I got home to my bed. I had the most lively dream I have had in many way's. It was a beautiful dream with me and her. I was rowing a boat, and she was sitting in the other end. It was a beautiful wide river, calm, trees on the side, and beautiful orange, pink and nice colors in the sky. My brother comes into my room, with a sad serious face. He tells me..
Minimaxhall Minimaxhall 26-30, M 1 Answer Mar 25, 2014 in Community

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Maybe that was her way of leaving this place.

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Maybe... I know not... All I know is, that the chances of me having a dream like that, and on the same night when she choose to "go" and I was 100% unaware of her committing suicide. And since I was asleep around that time, "she" entered my dream... That is very special to me...

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