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It IS my birthday, but AIMS testing starts TODAY! On my Bday so thats a stinker. Secondly i have to go to my moms house....thats NOT fun in the slightest way. And odds are she'll fine some way to make me feel guilty about something. Then my imture brother will get all pouty and try to be emo again because he wants the attention he already has. It's annoying D: I know it seems REALLY selfish, but i admit im kinda mad i didint get any presents yet. I know, it's selfish, ecspeicially cause i can never get a good present for anyone else, and im sitting here all mad. I was just looking forward to a game that i've been wanting i guess. Well, im done ranting. Peace.
IntenseCookie IntenseCookie 16-17, F 4 Answers Apr 17, 2012

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Happy Birthdayyy And Just Stay Home And Go Out I Never Go To School On My Birthday(:

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Wow! Your so lucky! I'd probably get to stay home too if it wernt for the AIMS.

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What Is AIMS, Is That Like The FCAT!?!?(O.o)

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