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1. when the bus your on pulls up to the stop and the bus you want to get on doesnt wait to see if anybody wants to get on.

2. when the bus sits through a green light.

3. people who talk loudly on their cell phones.

4. when the bus drives at 15mph and the speed limit is 30mph.

5. running into people you really don't want to see, but they want to talk to you.

6. people who just want to talk to you.

7. people who want to talk to you about GOD.

8. people who plant themselves in front of the doors when there are seats for them to sit.

9. fat people who want to stand in the middle of the alse and look at you crazy when you cant get around them.

10. people with BIG baby strollers...but no baby.

11. people who get on the bus...but have no clue where it goes.

12. people who talk to the driver, making him drive slower.

13. people who spill soda or some other sticky drink on the floor.

14. people who get on the bus...and THEN want to look for thier bus fare.

15. busdrivers who WILL NOT drive until that person finds thier fare.

16. fat people who sit directly in from of you..blocking your view.

17. people who want to squeeze into the seat with you when they know damn well theres not enough room for all of them.

18. people who sit with thier legs in the alse and will not move when they see you trying to walk by.

19. people who smell bad.

Sounds like i need to get a car huh?

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buy a car !

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You aren't the only one that hates buses. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Consider the idea that at least you have some sort of transportation. There are still places where such vehicles don't exist. Be grateful for what you have today.

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well i really hate walking on sidewalks,but i still do it

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What do you hate specifically?

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i hate when i dont get a seat by the window or when the out going guy wants to talk my ear off.

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Your city must be nice to want to get a window seat. Is it the same outgoing guy? You make it sound that way with the "the" in "the outgoing guy".

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