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While two persons having loving, romantic feelings is wonderful, I don't think it is a good idea for a boss and an

employee to date!

Perhaps you might take the same course as my maternal grandparents did! He was her boss at work; after acknowledging their romantic feelings for each other, one of them got a job at a different company; thus, they were then able to pursue their romantic relationship without there even being the appearance of a conflict of interest!

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Well it has the chance of being great if it all works out nicely but if it doesnt then you are in a world of hurt with your heart and your job.....proceed with caution!

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I think in general relationships between a boss and underling is not the best idea, but I also think when the relationship is built on a solid D/s relationship it has some good possibilities.

I have had a number of love slave/secretaries in my business career. I never rushed into them and picked women who were naturally submissive, wanted to please their father figure man and got a thrill out of watching me with other women.

Each of these women were made my personal assistant. They dressed tastefully, yet under their rather elegant dresses were never allowed bras or panties.

I also saw to it they got as much as they gave. They were trained to be love goddess/slaves. When they pleasured groups of men, I made sure they orgasmed over and over.

While I am a mild sadist, I am an empath and truly a romantic man. I love seeing my love slave receive pleasure as give it.

I have seen more than my fair share of office romances go bad. So if the relationship is not one with clear D/s boundaries, I would recommend not starting up.

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looking for that to **** my boss lady

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Personally .... I say GO FOR IT!!!!

Life is too short and regrets are worthless in your final hour.

He might become a trusted friend or even a romantic love.

If something "clicks" between the two of you and it becomes serious, one of you could always look for a new job.

This economy sucks for that thought but the alternative coud end up with a bunch of "what ifs?".

It's one date, carpe diem.

There is no future without living in the present.

Oh lord, I should work for Hallmark ;)

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My philosophy about dating someone in a work place is this: Never fish in the company pond.

Think about the consequences. Will you be getting special treatment that your coworkers will more than likely find out about? Will you mind when rumors start to circulate? Is he married? Are you? Will you be upset when the relationship ends and will you quit or seek revenge?

It's never a good idea to date a superior. Many companies have strict policies against it because it causes too many problems. Many companies won't even hire people who are related or married or engaged if they intend to work in the same department.

If you really want to date your boss, quit your job and THEN date him.

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Get another job before you start dating. It always ends up with hurt feelings. Coworkers can make your life hell if they find out about the relationship.

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I had sex with my employer. She gave me no choice. It was **** or walk. I learned to enjoy it. She even gave me to her customers and made me have sex with them.

My advice however, is this. Don't do it if you want to keep your job and if you have any qualms about being turned into his ****. Tell him that you cannot date him while you work for him. Once you start, he will have made you into his *****. He pays you, and he will be ******* you. That makes you little more than his paid ****.

Instead, find another job. If you still want to date him, then you will be equals. But so long as he is your boss, you will never be equals.

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I would only advise it if you are planning on getting a different job. My sister lives with her boss... she started working for him, not a week later they were going on a date and not 3 months later she moved in with him... She still works for him and people talk about her behind her back about how she gets to do whatever she wants because she's screwing the boss... and worse he treats her like she's his inferior even at home! They see each other all day and fight a lot because of his superior attitude... the fights are not always left at home either, making everyone they work with uncomfortable. These relationships are very complicated (and I'm a romantic big time) but from what I've seen with my sis they don't work. They make each other miserable!

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stay away from people you work with... it can turn ugly

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Report yourself to HR.

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be very careful... i dated my employee & got fired for it. they can't do anything to you though, thats considered retaliation. him asking you out could also be taken as sexual harrassment, regardless of how you feel about him.

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If you care at all about the job, be platonic only.

If you could survive without this job, and Boss is irresistible, go for it and don't be surprised if you lose the job when affair is over.

Have no expectations. Not a good way to move up.

Be prepared for coworkers to talk and/or be difficult to deal with WHEN it is found out you're dating the Boss.

Plenty of other people in the world, why Boss?

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Danger ahead!!

Romance with a boss is not a good thing. Ever. If you fall in love (or in bed) you should quit.

Just my 2ยข

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business and pleasure mix as well as water and oil.

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Most of the jobs I have lost in my life involved relationships with co-workers. It becomes almost unbearable to work together when things get ugly. I would advise to take a long look at your priorities before making your decision.

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If you date him you'll probably get a lot of raises, if you don't have a problem with that. But that will blow up in your face if things don't work out, then you'll end up screwed. I suggest that you either stay out of it, or you have a backup job just in case things go badly.

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No, no, NO!

If he were a co-worker, it would be fine. But NOT if he is the boss! (It wouldn't work if you were the boss, either!) Issues of power, money, control.... plus the other people in the office.... no, no, no!

Not only that, but since he is the boss, he should NOT have asked you.

Look for another job!

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No, No, No! If you do it, regret will surely follow. If you don't care about the job, then go for it. I think it's a bad idea. It can lead to office politics that make you a miserable person, why put yourself through that? You'd be viewed badly, probably so whould he, if not leading to a bad outcome of his possible termination,(yours too!) depending on the rules in place...good luck.

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DO NOT DO IT !!!!! Mixing work and non work is a bad idea......and it is even worse when it is your Boss....That is just a dark hall way with the boogie man at the end...

Let me run it by you this way...

1. You and you boss date.....And it becomes a pretty good thing.....Now it is time for promotions....or raises....You get a good one...But you friend that knows you are dating the boss does not.....Well how fast do you think that it would get around that you got a head.....By giving the boss head...(sorry bad pun)

And if it never did get around...There would always be that small idea in the back of your mind of "Did I really earn this...or am I just selling myself to the highest bidder...

2. And what about when it is over....Would you really want

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