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You need to pay yourself, and start a saving account that is for emergencies so the next time you need to borrow money. You borrow it from yourself. That being said find a second or third job, sell what you are good at...sell what you don't need, getting into debt is not the solution to your problem.

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well it's really hard to give a real answer without more information.

what country do you live in?

what do you need it for?

what do you do for work? (sorry but if you don't even work, i wouldn't loan you money if i was a millionaire)

the least you can do is answer those questions, and i'm sure you'll get better replies.

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United States ( Michigan )

need new house windows and a roof cover up it is leaking

yes i work so does my husband telephone sales

Where else should I and these answers

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Sounds like you are screwed.

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Good luck in this economy. Do you need this loan immediately? If not, the best I can suggest is opening a credit card with a low limit, (if you can't get a traditional one, get the ones at the stores they always offer), make small purchases every month, and pay them off. You'll build your credit, and lower your risk to potential loaners.

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me Daddy was..

a Bank Robber...

...never hurt no-one...

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