She told me every day how much she loved me, i told her the same... Then one day she says "im not sure i love you anymore" ... Ive thought about her 24/7 since then... ive just been a depressed wreck... she was so perfect... gorgeous, nice, funny, smart, theres absolutely nothing i dont like about her... every girl looks like dirt to me compared to her... i need a way to get over her, or somehow get back together with her... i cant take this much longer...
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Don't you have HALO 4?

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you're 13, you dunno what love is. You're too young to make a lifelong committment to someone else, and you're clearly unhinged if you're convinced she's the only girl for you.

The first girlfriend is always the hardest to get over.

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Many of the replies you get will just be people jumping to conclusions because of your age. I'm sorry about that. If you say you are in love with her, I believe you. There is no magic remedy to make the pain go away. Believe me, I know. In a way it might be harder at your age, because you are probably not used to intense pain, and maybe don't know how to deal with it.

Please ignore most of the advice you are being given.

You might find this blog article interesting. This man is dealing with a different issue than you are. (That will be obvious when you read it) But he is also in pain. And there might be something in his pain, or the good response of the person he talks to, that you can relate to.

Don't be bothered by people who tell you to stop feeling in pain. Feeling sad means you have a heart. It's not possible to just decide to "get over it." It doesn't work if you were truly in love. But there are good ways and bad ways to deal with it.

It is possible that someday in the future you will end up together again. But I can't guarantee it, and there's no magic formula for it (contrary to the claims of methods for sale on the internet. Most of them are not that great. Don't waste your money on those.)

I wish there was a perfect answer for you, but there was none for me, either.

I pray a lot, and that is what helps/helped me. (As a Catholic, I have a close friendship with Jesus Mom, as well.)

I pray every day for the person I liked, and was comforted by thinking that maybe I could do him good by praying for him. So I'll say a prayer for you, also

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Each of you are going through a time when everyone looks attractive. She might feel that her hormones are telling her she likes some other guy. Hormones are a *****... REALLY! They make you think you are attracted to someone when they are just... there... even you.// Look at just another girl... just another one... and what do you get... nothing... she is just there. It's hormones that tell you you like someone... just like a drug you took... that makes youfeel the way you do... but you never asked for that drug... the drug.. testosterone is swimming around in your system telling you you like girls... and you become a slave to it.// what does it mean. Simple. Always remember that what you think you like is as chemical reaction in your body. It doesn't stop the attraction, but you can look at a girl who does not make you feel that way and compare and know that without it... that beatiful girl is just a chemical reaction. It can help you...somewhat.// The truth is... your body does this to make you want to like girls so you can procreate... have kids and keep the human species going... so, you really have no choice but to like her.// It's important to understand that her hormones are doing the same thing. She likes you... but, her hormones are telling her she likes someone else... now she is not sure about what she thinks.// You have two choices. Each of them are right. You can allow the same thing to happen to you. Your hormones will create the same thing in about two weeks and you will see another girl and will like her...and the girl you love will take a back seat. Or... you can wait... for, I know from a fact in all my time and I am old... 50... that what comes around does come around and she will be over her crush... and see you again and you will be again in her sites...// Both of you are expanding you sexual horizons... and learning about how you feel. Just remember this. What you feel is a chemical called testosterone... a drug you are secreting into your system becasue you body is becoming a man and it wants you to have kids and procreated the species. These beautiful girls you see... these angelic creatures that seem to have a spell... a charming spell on you.... it's just like drug. That is why they don't ACT LIKE THEY SHOULD! Do you remember that girl who snickered at you..maybe made fun of you and she looked so angelically cute? If not you wilkl find it soon? And, it will hurt or hurt badly now! It's hormones. SO, realizing that it is a chemical helps you to gain a perspective. But, don't hate it. When you find the right girl... it's interesting. No trying. No wondering.// A word of advice from someone older. When you find the right girl. The time lasts forever. The feelings... anxiety and all go so quickly... it's uncanny! NO effort to make a good impression... it just happens. Instant connection and you know it! I hope that my horrible ramblings (as no one likes my long replies) help you...

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First, get a boombox (ask your dad what that is.) Then, stand outside her parents' house in the middle of the night, hold the boombox up over your head so she can hear it from her 2nd story bedroom window, and let Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" do the rest. Works every time.

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that's part of the game. time to move on to the next one.

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I infer from your age that she, too, just be in her early teens. At that age, she is entitled to have dates with more guys than just you; she is entitled to change her mind; and she is entitled to do so on a daily basis. Don't be obsessive, clingy, or needy. Then you will be labelled by all women as somebody to avoid.

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There isn't much you can do... just keep your dignity and wait for the next one to come.. and believe me she will come, and when that happens the other one will come running back.

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Every girl looks like dirt...? Wow. Get a grip, man, seriously. Go find someone new. Like... A friend or something. Open your stupid heart to new experiences. Get a hobby. Stop crying over spilled milk. I hate to be harsh, but this is how it goes if you want to move on.

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