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I turn on inner "feel happy" switch.

It really could be that simple. Then no one and nothing can make me unhappy.

And it's fun too :)

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I too rely on my husband for happiness. I want to be near him and experience what he's experiencing. I want to know where he is why he's there what he's doing and why I can't be with him. I try so hard not to give him the third degree. It's not easy. I look at my in-laws and wonder how they can be so content with life. They say they're stressed sometimes. They say they argue a little, but they've never had a blow-up argument where someone regrets what they say. I have and I wish I could take it all back. I wish my husband would love me the way his sister loves her husband and the way he loves her back. Try to find something that you enjoy. I know that sounds a lot easier than it is. I know. For me it was something my husband introduced me to a few years back when we first met. I enjoy it to pass the time to some extent, but it's not the same as when he plays as well with me. We use to fight all the time when we both played together. I know it sounds rediculous that we would be fighting over something that was considered a "game" but we did.

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Nobody can bring happiness to us.

This world is a place of ridiculous sufferings for heedless people.

True happiness is realized from our inner self through calamities

by learning and practicing the good counsels

of our educators, especially the Divine Educators.

God has given us all the good things,

and it is our durty to find out and to bring them

into reality.

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I spend a great deal of time on my appearance, hair make up nail polish. do not pay others to do it, I do it myself (not only does it fill time but you get the good feeling when you know you did it all yourself) . I change finger and toe nail polish daily to match and put a variety of freehand designs on. I do yoga and work out daily (cardio and weights). then I splurge and eat whatever I want (chicken wings and beer is a favourite). I wear clothing that makes me feel sexy (not slutty) ... knee length skirts and knee high stilettos etc. always take time to look your best.... and do not ever ever go out of your house in track pants or even yoga pants... showing others that you respect yourself tells them that you will not accept less than you deserve, and that you value yourself and your health.

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do want you think your good at, and don't say your not good at anything because everyone is good something. like art, music, building things, designing, sports, etc.

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