I think that's part of why I am the way I am... any thoughts about abuse on child mind?
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Recently I was told it was nothing I was all on them...I did not do ANYTHING to create those bad vibes...hmm, I'm 50...that was last month I was told that... the true center of all of this is that although what you witnessed was horrific, it is all on him...nothing to be ashamed about...everyone has issues in their families...Gosh...You're Awesome! don't let anyone make you think otherwise.. Talk Talk need to talk...sometimes talking to the trees in a cool forest is just what you need...because it's quiet enough there to listen.. So proud you talking about this.. :-)

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a child who watches abuse, is just as affected, maybe more so because innocence is lost in the realm of abuse. a child who sees abuse is shaken to his or her core.

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Remember that in his old age

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